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Achieving goals: the lasting 90% - sheer determination - goal-setting


Achieving goals requires persistence. Here's the proof: In 1915 Ty Cobb set up an amazing baseball album of stealing 96 bases. Seven years later Max Carey set the second-best album with 51 stolen bases.

Was Cobb twice as good as Carey?

Consider this: Cobb made 134 attempts. Carey made 53.

So Carey's be an average of was much better.

Cobb conversely made 81 more tries and was happy with 44 more stolen bases.

Frank Bettger makes this beefy point on page 238 of his fascinating classic: How I Raised For my part From Breakdown To Sensation In Selling

When you get after the big hit stories in any given field, you often find the most doing well have made more attempts and spent longer hours at the given task than anybody else.

In other words, they give the law of averages a ability to work in their favor! They just keep on beautiful out, often adjacent to all odds.

With achieving goals, this authentic condition of doggedness and its bed-fellow perseverance, is certainly essential.

Yes the earlier six steps are also basic and crucial BUT, if you do not persist, your amazing plan can go down the drain. Your vivid mental metaphors can just fade into thin air. Achieving goals cleanly becomes wishful thinking.

Achieving goals requires that you keep at it day in day out.

Then you are Assured fallout - eventually!

To avow this kind of momentum you have to build mental toughness.

To be mentally tough means you curtail the personal property of damper and you turn negatives into positives.

Jack Black, in his helpful book "MindStore", uses a mainframe demonstration to combat disapproval - "Delete that Programme".

Whenever a damaging accepted wisdom comes into your mind or when others make destructive comments, say to yourself, "Delete that Programme" and change it with a assured thought.

For example, when you catch physically thinking, "This is just not working, this is hopeless and a waste of time", trigger mental stiffness by adage "DELETE THAT PROGRAMME".

Instead think: "What do I need to do to make this work!"

Admittedly, depressing mental lifestyle are hard to break.

It takes time and diligence but oh, the rewards when you do!

Do we appreciate then why the title of this final conference is:

"Achieving Goals: The Lasting 90% - Sheer Persistence"?

It especially does come down to that.

Just keep on going, persist, persist, persist, and let the good old law of averages work for you.

Achieving goals WILL develop into your reality!

This commentary is part of the Goal Backdrop Blueprint, a 20 detailed tutorial on achieving sucess in goal setting.

Visit http://www. about-goal-setting. com for the rest of the tutorial.


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