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One focus to sensation - goal-setting


Too many times we are distracted from our main goal and determination by all of the altered clothes out there that we want, or think we want. As a replacement for of building choices, we seem to want it all, all we come across. Too many conflicting requests is a recipe for disaster.

With every goal which does not align with our main clear-cut goal or purpose, our percentage ability to accomplish it goes down. With dilution, our focus and concentration lose strength, and we lose momentum with each command change.

Another capability downside to having too many goals and not attaining them, is the budding depressing hit to our self image. This could be disempowering in the long term if not put into it's apposite perspective.

So what do we do? Hold our requirements in check? Not remember about all those other equipment we want?

No way! Never detach manually from your desires. Bond with them, make them important, and "do or die" - "what ever it takes". You can favorably move towards their achievement. Timing and Plan may adjust but the goal is in the bank.

First thing to do right now is Come to a decision that deficient more is OK. This is a very human thing and it drives progress.

Napoleon Hill avowed that 'The Master Key To Riches' was the education of a burning appeal for the achievement of a major assured purpose. (loosely quoted, but this is true)'

Riches' do not just consist of money or things, but the whole lot that enriches our lives, and this is another for everyone.

Now to take 'Nappy' literally, one would have to have a distinct focus that they would acquire into a Magnificent Obsession, again naught denial about this.

If you want a number of altered clothes all at once, and if you do not have a plan for their attainment, then, it is liable that it will split your focus in too many directions, and you will accomplish none of them.

However . . . if you fix them up by going after a definite bulky undertaking which when achieved gets you all of the above, then your focus would be laser sharp and your concentration would be unbroken. And you would have all of the matter of your desire!

Now, if you do not have a Lone Colossal All About Focus, then, a proxy plan would be to list all that you want on paper. Then, start arranging them in order of import to you. Most chief on top, least chief on bottom.

Decide what is most central to you. If that is difficult, then start eliminating those goals you can do without. (eliminate them just like those actuality shows do) You will be left by duck with the most crucial goal to go after. As for the others, Go after them one at a time.

Either way you will come out with a lone focus so that you can plan a approach to attain it. And your power will be centered and your momentum will build towards achieving what you want.

Take it for what it's worth . . .

Al Smith, Copyright 2004

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